Inter-year group meet-up

For this fourth edition, we invite you to join all the Centrale year groups on campus, to take part in your choice of a number of simultaneous events.


From 10 am until mid afternoon:
Inter-generational multi-sports tournament (basketball, football, handball, rugby, volleyball) organized with the BDS for the T5B BDX campaigns on the artificial pitch and in the gym + squash tournament in the new U building - NEW for 2019!

Informal lunch in Hall E, the School's new cafeteria

Mid afternoon:
Campus visit: laboratories with their state-of-the-art equipment (traction and wave tanks, large atmospheric wind tunnel & aerodynamic wind tunnel, engine and vehicle test benches, civil engineering platform, multi-axis machine tools, laser additive manufacturing platform,  robotic welding, dynamic and static test platform for crash and impact studies, robotics platform, supercomputer), industrial and research projects, new buildings.

And after:
  • Career and thematic round tables for students, new graduates and established graduates
  • Presentation of student projects: Centrale Nantes Hydroproject, Centrale Nantes Saildrone, Paris 2024, campus beehives, permaculture vegetable garden, other humanitarian projects / sustainable development etc.
  • Photo / video exhibitions retracing the school's 100 years of history
  • Photobooth to immortalize your reunion
  • Burial of the time capsule (objects selected as witnesses of our time and "put in a box" during the Centennial Celebrations on 27 September) to bring the Centenary year to a close.

Careers Round Tables

Are you a student or young graduate wanting to know more about a particular profession, sector of activity, company? Come and talk to more senior graduates and make the most of their experience!
Are you a graduate keen to share your experience with younger graduates? Come along, it's always very rewarding!

To help us organize these careers round tables, please indicate during registration in which round table you would like to participate:
  • Social, humanitarian action
  • Financial activities, insurance
  • Administration, management, consulting
  • Audiovisual, broadcasting, multimedia, culture
  • Trade, services, tourism
  • Product design
  • Electronics, Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment, ecological transition
  • Teaching, research, R&D
  • Industry (aeronautics, agribusiness, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, rail, metallurgy, naval, space etc ...)
  • Computer science, digital sector, modeling, robotics, simulation
  • Logistics, supply chain
  • Construction, Real Estate, Urbanism, Transport
  • Health, bioinformatics

According to the interest registered, we may group together similar sectors of activity.

Thematic Round Tables

Are you a student or young graduate with questions you would like to explore with more senior graduates on the following topics?
  • How to combine your passion(s) with your work life
  • How to be a socially responsible engineer (ethics, associative / humanitarian commitment, sustainable development, ecological transition)
  • Joining the workforce (remuneration, career development, mobility, work / personal / family balance, being a female engineer in a traditionally male environment, etc.)
  • Pursuing your studies (MBA, advanced masters, complementary training, PhD etc.)
  • The challenge of entrepreneurship
  • Working abroad internationally (internship, gap year, study mobility, VIE, VIA, expatriation)
Come along and enjoy this unique opportunity to meet graduates from different years and backgrounds!

Are you an established graduate keen to share your experience on one or more of the above themes with younger graduates? Come along, it's always very rewarding!

To help us organise these thematic round tables, please indicate during registration in which round table you would like to participate.


We will organize the sequence and timing of the round tables according to the interest registered. Do not hesitate to register for both if you want to participate in both careers and thematic discussions. We will get back to you to finalize participation.
Published on October 3, 2018 Updated on November 20, 2019